About Gracen

Gracen Reign always knew she’d be a writer. Her well-read experience early on in life would lead to her fascination with words and, more importantly, the emotions that they illuminate. Born in Canton, Ohio, Reign’s family relocated to the Southwest, where her influences were ultimately fortified by her deep family roots in Las Vegas. Now, based in Vegas, Reign's love of the Southwest-the desert, rolling mountains, starry skies, red rocks and harsh heat-of nature and the outdoors deeply resonate through her music.

Similar to the abrupt paradoxes present in the beauty of the unforgiving southwestern desert, songwriting allows Reign to elaborate on the inner conflict inherent within each one of us. Her effortless stage presence draws fans to the relatability of her experiences; Reign strives to view the world through the lens of her heart rather than through eyes alone. It’s this talent that endears her to followers whilst demonstrating her comfort performing on stage.

Bolstering her natural talent and songwriting abilities, Reign received more training while studying at the Berklee College of Music, giving her confidence to venture into the commercial music scene. Through strong vocals, soul-piercing lyrics, and a passion that’s apparent in her early music, it’s clear Reign is just getting started.

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